Afghanistan New President 2021 Name, Details on Taliban’s Head Leader

Afghanistan New President 2021 Name – Details on Taliban’s Head Leader – Mullah Baradar are provided here. Taliban’s Mullah Baradar is likely to be the new president of Afghanistan in 2021. Taliban has taken the charge of the Afghan Presidential palace after Ashraf Ghani president of Afghanistan flees. Taliban is a terrorist organization that has captured the Afghanistan military power. Ghani left along with his National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib and a second close associate. Now, the interim government will lead by the Taliban. The Interior Minister of Afghan said that Kabul will not be attacked by the Taliban and the transition will happen peacefully. Taliban said while entering the Kabul gate that they do not want any damage to life and property in the transfer of power. To know the latest information about Kabul Afghanistan, Taliban attack, what’s happening in Afghanistan/Afghanistan me kya Hua hai, Afghanistan New President 2021 Name, latest news read the information below on this page.

Afghanistan New President

Afghanistan New President 2021

Ashraf Ghani the President of Afghanistan left the country on Sunday after the Taliban encircled Kabul, the Afghan capital. The happed when the US, Afghan government, and Taliban were attending a meeting in Doha, Qatar to transfer the power of Afghanistan. As per the news tools, it is believed that the US had an agreement with the Taliban that they will not force their entry into Kabul. In just 24 hours, the Taliban captured the whole country of Afghanistan. The governor of Jalalabad, Zia-ul-Haq said that he handed over the country for the safety of the Afghanistan people. Russia and the US are in talks with other countries to the Security Council on the issue of Afghanistan. Talibani’s said that when they were entering for looting into Kabul meanwhile the Afghanistan President left the country. Afghanistan President Ghani said the Taliban had won the battle with violence and his responsibility was to protect the people of Afghanistan so he left the Country. The Taliban has returned after twenty years. People who want to know more about the Afghanistan President are suggested to stay connected with us on our official Website.

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Afghanistan Taliban New Head Leader | Ashraf Ghani Leaves Kabul

Joe Biden, US President said that he would not hand over the Afghan war to the fifth US president. US – Afghanistan War began George W Bush in September 2001 days after the 9/11 terror attacks in the US. A year before Biden came into power in the US. The US was involved nearly two decades in Afghanisthan, with over 2300 of its soldiers/troops dead. In addition, the US has spent over $ 2 trillion. The US now working on a rescue operation to save American and Afghan personnel along with their families. According to the social media vibes, the US left them in the lurch without delivering what they promised to Afghanistan 20 years ago. Within a Week Taliban has taken control over the Capital city of Kabul, After Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani fled the country. After the Taliban’s attack on Afghanistan, people are in fear. Citizens of Kabul are moving in towards other nations. Therefore, US Army left Afghanistan. To explore more, visit our official link mentioned on this page below.

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Who is Afghanistan’s New President? What Happened in Afghanistan?

Taliban took control over Afghanistan in the blink of an eye after the Afghanistan president fled the country. Hundreds of Indians are still in Afghanistan. The Indian Government is trying its best to rescue Indians in Afghanistan. The Indian side is securing the Taliban’s advance into Kabul would take a few more days. The people of Kabul are blaming the Afghanistan President and the security forces for the Taliban’s attack on the Afghans. There is a huge crowd over the Kabul Airports, people are in rush to move to other nations. Air India Plane has arrived in India with 129 passengers from Kabul, Afghanistan. As per the latest information Indians are connecting to the Indian embassy, while the Taliban is making advances in Kabul. Many people want to leave Afghanistan due to the fear of Taliban Terrorism.

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