www.cowin.gov.in Certificate Download Link यहाँ By Mobile Number/Aadhar

www.Cowin.gov.in Vaccine Certificate Download Link: According to the official governmental authorities, everybody who is getting vaccinated will be eligible for receiving the Certificate for his or her record purpose. The certificate will be stating the status of the individual’s vaccination after taking a first and second dose. Everybody above 18 years of age can get vaccinated and obtain a formal record through this certificate. To save the lives of others and yourself, getting vaccinated has become the need of the hour. Now, if your mind is bombarded with multiple questions like where to download the COWIN vaccination certificate and correct the errors, if any, you need to read the information provided through this article.

www.Cowin.gov.in Vaccine Certificate Download

As the name itself suggests, the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate is the legal and officially authorized document. The Government of India issues it. The form consists of all the records of the vaccination you had to date. This certificate enables you to formally put a copy for the future reference purpose statement that you have been vaccinated. The same document will show the ‘Partially Vaccinated’ in the records when you take your first dose of the COVID 19 Cowin Vaccine. After taking in the second dose, the document will state the fully vaccinated in the documented and online updated records. It is highly advised by governmental bodies to get the first and the second dose of the vaccination as soon as possible. It is the only strength that can increase the chances of saving your life by multiple means. 

COWIN Vaccination Certificate Download

COWIN COVID Certificate Correction

COWIN Vaccination Certificate Correction @https://cowin.gov.in

  • To start the correction process in the online vaccination certificate, you need to visit the COWIN Registration portal, i.e., https://selfregistration.cowin.gov.in/.
  • Once you are there, then click on the login in/Sign up button options.
  • Create your login with the mobile number and one-time OTP if you have not done it earlier. 
  • If your logins are already created, then directly sign up using your registered number and enter the one-time password there. 
  • Click on the ‘Raise an Issue’ option available in the right corner at the top. 
  • Now, hit the option asking you to ‘Vaccine Certificate Correction.’ 
  • Choose the person whose vaccination certificate needs a rectification.  
  • Now, hit the ‘Correction in Certificate’ option. 
  • From here, you can make the required corrections in terms of gender, photo, birth date, full name, etc.
  • Only two fields are permitted to change, and modifications can not be made more than one time.
  • Proceed further by hitting the continue option once your desired changes are made.
  • Recheck all the corrections made, then hit the ‘Submit’ button from the portal.

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COWIN COVID Vaccine Registration

Details available on the COVID Vaccine Certificate

  • Vaccinated Individual’s Full Name
  • Gender of the person
  • Full Name of the Vaccine
  • Vaccination dose registration date and day
  • Vaccination dose receiving date and day
  • Age of an individual
  • Vaccination dose time

How to Download COWIN Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate?

  1. In the initial step, you must visit the official portal of COWIN, i.e., @https://selfregistration.cowin.gov.in/
  2. You need to go ahead by either registering or signing up from this page.
  3. Once your credentials are made, then enter the same mobile number you used to register for doing the log-in to the COWIN portal.
  4. You need to authorize yourself with the help of an OTP – One Time Password on your mobile number.
  5. Go to the dashboard once the above step is completely done.
  6. In the dashboard, you are needed to search for your full registered name. 
  7. After this, one option of ‘Certificate’ will be visible inside the dose option.
  8. In the final step, you have to click on the certificate option button to download the copy of the Covid-19 vaccination certificate digitally. 

Official Website: https://www.cowin.gov.in/home

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Is there any way to download the vaccine certificate without providing an Aadhaar Card number and a Mobile Number?

To date, there isn’t any possibility to download the vaccine certificate without putting in your valid mobile number. All the mandatory steps primarily related to logins to any portal require the mobile number for an OTP.

What is the meaning of Reference ID/Beneficiary ID?

A specific 13 digit code is confidentially allocated to you when you complete the registration process for taking the vaccine. We call this unique identification code with the name Reference ID Number or the Beneficiary ID Number.

Is it possible to download the covid 19 vaccine certificate without using the Reference ID/Beneficiary ID?

To download the covid-19 vaccination certificate with no Reference ID Number or the Beneficiary ID Number, you need to refer to the COWIN or UMANG portal.

How to rectify the errors in the vaccine certificate?

You need to visit the official website of the COWIN portal, i.e., @https://selfregistration.cowin.gov.in/ for performing the rectification of the errors in the vaccine certificate. For the in-depth steps, please refer to the above section. 

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