Travel and Tourism Industry in India: Introduction & Overview

What is Travel and Tourism industry? – The travel and tourism sector is much broader and includes the hospitality industry as a subset. This is a broad conglomerate with a common goal: to offer necessary or needed products and services to travelers. The travel and tourism industry has expanded to become the largest civilian industry in India and across the world. According to statistics, one out of every ten in India works in the travel and tourism industry.

Travel and Tourism Industry in india

People traveling for pleasure or business in India, staying at least one night in their destination, and then returning are the tourism industry’s focus. The travel industry has a broader scope, covering a wider variety of travel purposes and lengths of stay. This offers a wide range of job opportunities to Indian residents. Some of the Travel and Tourism Jobs in India for Fresher’s include:


This involves the transfer of tourists from one place to another. This refers to a wide range of modes of transportation such as rail, air, water, and road. The industry not only promotes tourism in India but also offers various travel and tourism jobs outside India.

Water transport includes all types of transport used to carry passengers across the water, such as ferries and ocean liners in India. There are also government jobs in the Travel and Tourism industry, such as railway, and air services, which employ several people to offer various services.


People need overnight lodging for different periods, so the accommodation sector is included in both the transportation and tourism sectors. Customers have a wide variety of lodging options to choose from, catering to a wide range of budgets, tastes, and requirements. Several lodging companies also provide additional facilities in addition to a place to sleep and shelter.

Hotels are popular for tourists in India for accommodation and shared accommodation, farmhouse accommodation, Agri-tourism, camping, hostels, bed, and breakfast. All these forms of accommodation have various job opportunities for freshers interested in the travel and tourism sectors. In addition, teaching jobs in the travel and tourism industry are always on the rise since more people want to work in this booming sector in India.

Food and Beverage

Among the basic human requirements, we cannot do without food and drinks. The tourism and travel food and beverage industry satisfy these requirements. Various types of companies in India fall under this group, offering customers a wide range of modern and traditional choices. It is also essential to note that the food and beverage industry encourages passengers and tourists to connect.

Restaurants, which offer various food and drinks on-premises and bars and cafes that provide tourists a cool environment to eat and drink, depend on the human workforce to offer various services. Most of these facilities hire a new workforce to better their services.


Entertainment has absorbed a huge number of both talented and professional personnel in India. Even if entertainment were not the major purpose of most tourists’ trips, they would always need it once they get to their chosen destination. Establishments or companies that provide entertainment, on the other hand, are often one of the main attractions that bring visitors to a destination.

Connected industries

Other businesses closely linked to tourism and travel are businesses that assist customers in engaging with travel and tourism products and organizations that offer either practical support or logistical assistance.

Some of these connected industries provide work from home jobs in tourism and travel. Travel and tourism marketing and online travel Agencies provide work from home jobs using the power of the internet. These companies focus on self-service methods by associating tourists with travel goods on behalf of suppliers.

Travel and Tourism Job salary in India varies depending on the sector you are working in and your post. However, if you are working for an online travel agency in the travel and tourism industry, you can optimize your revenue by working with other travel agencies. It is essential to note that some travel agencies differ. Some specialize in particular areas such as flights, cruises, or hotels, among others.

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