Windows 11 ISO File {32-64 Bit} Download Link, Installation, New Features

Microsoft Windows 11 Download (32-64 Bit) ISO File: According to the online sources, the ISO file of the new version of Windows, I.e., Windows 11, leaked online a week before Microsoft’s online event. This event is being scheduled for 24th June 2021 respectively. Windows 11 21996 build model’s online leaked ISO file consists of all the latest features like outstanding animation, Sounds, Wallpapers, and the overall remarkable internal functioning. Windows 11 can be downloaded and installed in the system at no cost for now. It’s compatible at zero cost for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. In 2015, such a free upgrade was run for Windows 10 by the Microsoft company, where several people downloaded it online free of cost before it was tagged with a specific price. This file might contain many bugs and viruses as hackers might have put some malware inside the online viral file. If you want to download and install it, you can read the article below to note the steps.

Latest News: Microsoft took it to twitter stating that “Join us June 24th at 11 am ET for the #MicrosoftEvent”

Microsoft Windows 11 Official Release Date

According to the official news from Microsoft, a session will be conducted about the launch of Windows upcoming generations. The scheduled time and date as per the legit online sources is sharp 11 am on 24th June 2021. The exact launch or release date of the Windows 11 isn’t revealed yet on the authentic sites. But, it is expected that in the same event scheduled on the 24th of this month, the good news about the Windows 11 Release Date will be announced.

Windows 11 ISO File Download

Released Here >>> Status Check 2021

Windows 11 System Requirements

As per the latest news leakage, the minimum system requirements for installing windows 11 in your system is provided below –

  • Minimum 2 gb Ram, recommended is 2 gb Ram
  • Single-Core processor – 1.2 ghz, 32 – bit or Single Core Processor – 1.4 ghz, 64 – bit, recommended is Dual Core Processor – 2 ghz
  • 15 gb minimum Hard disk space, recommended is 18 gb
  • Screen Resolution of 1024*768, recommended is 1680*1050

Released Here >>>

New features in Windows 11

  • Multi-tasking features are a pro he Windows 11. The evidence is glimpsed via the grouping of multiple task windows, split-screen, and much more.
  • Windows 11 consists of the new Widgets.
  • Various fresh sounds are an added-on to the Windows 11 version of operating systems.
  • Newly designed ‘Search Bar,’ ‘Start Menu,’ and ‘Taskbar.’
  • Accessibility to the Dark Mode is available in Windows 11.
  • The attractive signs of the new icons are highly impressive.
  • Improved touch controls enable solving the problems encountered in the last versions of Windows.
  • Numerous bars will be seen having the ‘Rounded Corners.’ Also, the pointed corners aren’t available or applicable to windows 11.
  • Impressive new animations are reinforced in Windows 11, and it can be witnessed while minimizing tabs, moving, opening, closing, and dragging windows.

Download Windows 11- 64 bit Operating System

As per the online sources, the Windows 11 download file is a leaked file and hasn’t come from the primary sources of Microsoft. So make sure that you are downloading it at your own risk, as this file might be loaded with many viruses and unseen bugs. The new download link doesn’t contain all the new expected features rumored in the various online platforms. Moreover, failing to download it might hang or encrypt multiple files or completely shut the system.

Install Windows 11- 64 bit Operating System

  • In the first step, all you need to do is download the ISO file from the links provided above.
  • Use a USD Drive having a space of at least 16GB. Once it’s done, then you have to convert it into a bootable state.
  • Rufus can be used to make the USD Drive/Pen Drive easily bootable.
  • Afterward, it has to launch the ‘Rufus.’
  • Select the above-downloaded Windows 11 ISO file.
  • Avoid making any alterations online in other fields.
  • Go to the bottom area and hit the ‘Start button. It will flash the Windows 11 on USD Drive.
  • USD Drive plugging is required directly to the intended system where the online file of Windows 11 will be installed.
  • Restart the system and continuously press on the ‘Boot’ key.
  • Go to Boot Device Options, and from there, choose USB Drive as the primary option.
  • Press enter to start Windows 11 installation procedure.
  • Enter keyboard input method, time, and language.
  • Hit the ‘Install Now’ option.
  • Tick on the option stating that you don’t have the product key.
  • Choose the Windows 11 Edition that you wish to install.
  • Partition selection will be required for installing windows 11.
  • Hit the Next button.
  • Windows 11 ISO file will be installed in your system.

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