Kurup Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide, IMDB Till Now (Total)

Kurup Box Office Total Collection Worldwide, IMDB is discussed on this page. Kurup is one of the few movies released in November that has set the box office on fire. This is a Malayalam movie starring Dulquer Salman, Sobhitha, Manoj Bakpayee, and Suresh Oberoi. The directors and producers of the movie are Vini Vishwa Lal, Srinath Rajendra, M Star Satellite Communications, and Wayfarer Films. Since the movie grabs attention from everyone and sticks to the story, the audience enjoyed this movie a lot. This thriller and unending hunt story are extracted from the real incidents from Kerala State, India. It’s no surprise to say that each character is deeply involved in the movie and makes you feel as if you’re watching the life story of your neighbor. 

Kurup Box Office Collection

This movie was released on 12th November in all theatres across India and overseas. The cinema lovers and critics appreciated the remarkable acting of Dulquer Salman. Each artist in the movie has grabbed the audience’s attention with their excellent performance. According to the reports, it’s known that the movie has set new records in the Malayalam film industry in terms of box office collections. If you’re curious to know about the box office collections, you’ll love this article. Here, you’ll discover Kurup movie box office collection statewide, worldwide, and day-wise in detail. So, let’s dive in. 

Kurup Box Office Collection 

Kurup was recently released in over 1500 theatres across the Globe. It has received a massive positive response from cine lovers and is entertaining all kinds of audiences irrespective of age. Since it’s a crime thriller, the movie has enough turns and twists to intrigue the audience. According to the UAE-GCC region, the movie has collected over 14 crores. It’s also referred to as the all-time highest-grossing Malayalam movie. 

The movie is performing excellently in south India in all states, including Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu. Although the movie failed to break the record of Odiyan Malayalam movies in its first day collections in Kerala, it did a great job in Worldwide collections on the release date. 

On its first day, the movie has collected about 5.6 crores in all languages, such as Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. At the same time, the second-day and third-day movie collections are about 5.7 crores and 5.95crores, respectively, from all the languages. 

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Kurup Movie Box Office Collection Till Now – Total

Here is the detailed report of Kurup movie box office collections day-wise and state-wise. 

Kurup Movie Box Office Collections Day 1 In All States:

Karnataka: 45 Lakhs

Andhra Pradesh/Telangana: 65 Lakhs

Kerala: 4.60 Crores

Tamilnadu: 60 Lakhs

Other States: 20 Lakhs

Kurup movie box office collections day 1: 6.50 Crores

Kurup Movie Box Office Collections Day 2 In All States:

Karnataka: 55 Lakhs

Andhra Pradesh/Telangana: 75 Lakhs

Kerala: 4.20 Crores

Tamilnadu: 90 Lakhs

Other States: 20 Lakhs

Kurup movie box office collections day 2: 6.60 Crores

Kurup Movie Box Office Collections Day 3 In All States:

Karnataka: 50 Lakhs

Andhra Pradesh/Telangana: 80 Lakhs

Kerala: 4.45 Crores

Tamilnadu: 95 Lakhs

Other States: 20 Lakhs

Kurup movie box office collections day 3: 6.90 Crores

Kurup Movie Box Office Collections Day 4 According to Sacnilk:

₹ 3.00 Cr * early estimates

Kurup Movie Box Office Collections Day 5 According to Sacnilk:

₹ 2.49 Cr

Kurup Movie Box Office Collections Day 6 According to Sacnilk:

₹ 2.11 Cr

Kurup Movie Box Office Collections Day 7 According to Sacnilk:

₹ 1.74 Cr

Total Collections in First Week – ₹ 26.6 Cr

Kurup Movie Box Office Collections State Wise Till Date:

Karnataka: 1.50 Crores

Andhra Pradesh/Telangana: 2.20 Crores

Kerala: 13.25 Crores

Tamilnadu: 2.45 Crores

Other States: 60 Lakhs

Kurup movie box office collections day 3: 20 Crores

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Kurup Worldwide Box Office Collections IMDB

The Kurup movie has collected huge amounts across the Globe. It’s estimated that the movie has reaped about 41 crores within three days worldwide. At the same time, India (IMDB) new collections and overseas collections of the Kurup movie are 17.25 crores and 21 crores, respectively. The budget reports say that the Kurup movie was made with 35 crores approximately. It means the producer has received all the mount with additional bucks within the three days of the movie release. 

Key Takeaways 

So far, the Kurup movie has collected an excellent lump sum. Overall, the movie is making huge profits. The moviemakers are expected to continue at the same level for a few more days. Kurup movie box office collections have reached the skyline. In a nutshell, the gross amount received from the movie in India, overseas, and worldwide are 17.25, 21, and 40 crores, respectively.  

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