Canada Extends Ban On Flights, India to Canada Direct/Indirect Flights Update

Canada Extends Ban On Flights From India 2021: According to the latest updates of International Flights Canada has extended the ban on flights from India till 21st September 2021 due to the high risk of the Covid-19 pandemic and the delta variant. The ban was first started on 22nd April 2021 the time when corona was at its peak not only in India but almost all over the world. Canada was also facing the covid-19 pandemic. The public health agency of Canada said that Transport is extending the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) which is creating barriers to passengers’ flights from India to Canada. Those who are willing to know the important information regarding Canada Flight are suggested to read below on this page.

Canada Extends Ban On Flights From India

Canada Extends Ban On Flights From India

Canada Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau in his statement on 15th July 2021 said that country may permit fully vaccinated people in the country. Justin discussed with the other leaders that flights will be open when the corona situation is normal. In addition, the positive path of public health and vaccination rate condition continues. However, Justin also said, “Fully-Vaccinated people can visit Canada for Non-essential travel.”The safety of Canadians will be our first priority he tweeted. It was decided to ban till 21st August 2021 but now it will continue till 21st September 2021 but it is not final it can be extended for more time. Candidates who want to know the latest information about International flights from India to Canada open date / Canada Flights from India read below.

Flights India to Canada
Extended Date 21 September 2021
Last Date of Flights Ban 21st August 2021
Banned Fifth-time ban
Cause Covid-19 / Delta Variant

International Flights From India to Canada 2021

India is not the only country from which flights are banned. Because of the lockdown, International flights were banned almost all over the world. If we talk about the European nations, there is no flights ban. Some countries have launched the charter flight scheme to overcome this flights ban situation. International students are affected very badly due to lockdown or bans on flights from the countries. Canada is not the only country that bans flights from India Countries like Australia, the USA have also banned flights from India since 2021. There is no ban on Cargo flights and Medical transfer flights in some countries.

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India to Canada flight Latest News 2021

A few months ago countries allowed the passenger who is not affected by corona. Along with this those who find positive for covid-19. The passenger who finds corona +ve may be quarantine or sent back to their home country. Meanwhile, some countries like Germany allowing passengers to travel after corona tests which will be valid for 72 hours, and within the time peroid, one can travel without any restrictions. According to the WHO report UAE, Qatar, India, and Bahrain has been removed from the corona red list on 8th August 2021 at 4:00 am. This is the fifth time the flights are banned for Canada from country India till 21 September 2021.

Canada Flights Open From India 2021

The decision is taken on the basis of current corona cases in India. India reported 28,204 new corona cases in the last 24 hours. The cases are lowest in 150 days but foreign countries are considering it dangerous for them. The Canada transport said that the passengers who depart via indirect route need a pre-departure covid test certificate from the 3rd country, other than India. Indian high commission has filed a petition to Canada federal government to open borders for open flights from India. People can check on Google Flights for Canada Flights from India. To know more latest updates people can visit our Official Page the link is given below.

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