Travel Ban From India To USA (Update) When will it be lifted? Details Here

Travel Ban From India To USA, When will it be lifted? and other related details are discussed on this page. You can check the last date to lift the ban for India to the United States here. Students and many other people holding L-1, and H1-B visas are stuck in India/United States due to Lockdown effects. The Indian American travel ban is likely to be continued until the situation gets normal. We will update you on this page as soon as the ban is lifted. Read below for the exceptions and exemptions given on this ban.

Travel Ban From India To USA

The president of the US named Joe Biden declared the ban on Indian travelers who are non-immigrant visa holders. It includes country visitors, travelers for business purposes, L-1, and H1-B. The US came up with the news about banning travelers from India on 30th April 2021. It has been practically effective from the 4th May 2021. It is expected to stay in the picture for 30 days minimum, although it was also said that it might get extended if the situation in India doesn’t improve. The proclamation given by Joe Biden is quite identical to what was given by the ex-US president in 2017 where he banned travel from all across the Muslim Nations. The reason at that time he gave was that these countries have been following the practice of lax security and this can provide a gateway to terrorists to attack America.

Travel Ban India to USA

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The special Exemptions from the ban has been mentioned below –

  1. The Citizens of the US and its permanent inhabitants have been given a big sigh of relief by getting exempted from the ban.
  2. The students of the US who are on the F-1/M-1 visas and whose program is starting soon, effective from the 1st August 2021, have got the direct exemption from that ban.
  3. As depicted in the Department of State’s Update, the J-1 exchange visitors are exempted from this ban in multiple categories.
  4. Noncitizens having the nationality of the US are also exempted from the ban.
  5. The official spouses of the citizens of the US are exempted.
  6. The US armed forces official members and their respective spouses and children are exempted from the ban.
  7. An individual having a foreign nationality but who wants to visit the US in the favor of the country’s interest is also exempted from the ban.
  8. The sea and the air crewmember having a foreign nationality.
  9. The foreign nationality person who in reality is the ward or the child of the citizen of US.
  10. Foreign individuals who themselves are invited by the US for the sole purpose of discussion over the matter related to how to have an ease of coronavirus.
  11. Folks having foreign nationality but are the legal guardian or the caretaker of an unmarried US citizen have also been exempted.
  12. Various non-immigrants are exempted like A, Nato, E-1, G, C.

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Who is affected by Travel Ban From India to the United States?

Indian people have been severely affected by this in multiple prospects as they are stuck in mid of a nation that primarily is witnessing the dead graves around them and living with the threat of themselves catching the virus. The lives of lakhs of Indians are falling apart in India. In contrast to this, the H1-B families are feeling the biggest ill consequences of this cause. The husbands belonging to these families traveled to India for the sole purpose of being a supporting hand in his family in emergency cases. As per the orders, even the healthiest and covid free person from India who has been staying in the covid free regions of India isn’t allowed to revisit the US during the lockdown period. He is stuck in India with no means of getting out for at least 30 days. These 30 days can prove to be extremely dangerous for many – as he is carried away from his work life and wife/children who are still there in America!

With the ongoing situation of India, scientists have predicted that the lockdown might get stretched for more and more months to come. Due to this, the husband gets stuck in India and might end up losing his home and job. It will result in no option other than asking his wife and children left in America to forcefully shift to India which is extremely risky for all, as stated by CDC.

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When will the Travel ban be lifted for India to USA – End Date?

As declared by the higher officials working closely with Joe Biden, the lockdown or the ban in travel to the US from India will be applicable for a minimum period of 30 days. The end date is expected to be the 4th of June 2021. Indians planning to travel to the USA during this period of 30 days will not be allowed and may be required to reschedule their flight bookings for the betterment of all.

How long will Travelling Be Banned From India To USA?

The ban on travel from India to the US has impacted many lives. The expected period may differ from what was claimed to be! With the upcoming third waves of the virus danger, the lockdown may be extended for 1 month more starting from 5th June 2021. It completely depends on the situation and the improvement in the current covid situations of India.

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