Solar Eclipse June 10 2021 in India, Time, Effects, How to Watch

Solar Eclipse June 10 2021 in India, Time, Effects: According to the scientists of NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the first-ever ‘Solar Eclipse’ or the ‘Surya Grahan’ of the year 2021 is about to be witnessed today in different countries. The timings stated for the same are between 1:42 pm till 6:41 pm as per the IST – Indian Standard Time. Generally, the Solar Eclipse happens in three forms I.e., Partial, Total, and Annular. Multiple regions of the foreign country will experience the Annular Eclipse on June 10 2021 whereas few regions of India will be able to view the Partial Eclipse using telescopes. To know more about it, you need to stay connected with us till the end of this article.

Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021

As stated by NASA – folks living in Greenland, Northern Russia, Canada will have the privilege to view the annular phase of ‘Surya Grahan’ todat i.e 10th June 2021. Other areas like Asia, Artic, Northern African Areas, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Europe will be partially able to view it. Researchers stated that Indians won’t be directly able to view the Solar Eclipse today but some reports suggest that some parts of India like Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh will be partially able to witness it. 

Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021

Solar Eclipse 2021 in India Date and Time

According to, the Solar Eclipse will be partially visible in some regions of India on 10th June 2021. However, with the help of the special telescope, Indians will be able to view it. The timings for the same are between 1:42 pm IST till 6:41 pm IST. It’s expected to be an annular Eclipse that will showcase the ‘Ring of Fire’ today in countries other than India. Another Solar Eclipse is anticipated to take place on 4th December 2021, Saturday which again isn’t going to be fully visible from India. 

Astrology about Solar Eclipse June 2021

As per the Astrologers, – Based on the geographies, the Lunar or Solar Eclipses can affect people to a great extent. According to them, India in 2021 will not experience the ‘Sutak Period.’ It is because the two expected ‘Surya Grahan’ of 2021 is partially going to be visible from India and that so in few regions not all. The measures advised by the astrologers in handling such a situation are by avoiding the pointed objects, consumption of food, and prohibiting doing fun activities. Also, the big astrologers suggest chanting the ‘Lord Vishnu’ Sholakas and the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ to stay away from any of the ill consequences of this eclipse.  

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Earth & Humans Rashi

As soon as one heavenly body gets into the shadow of some other heavenly body, the Eclipse is formed. Similar to this concept, the Solar  Eclipse takes place when the Moon starts walking into the path of the sun casting its shadow all across the Earth. It can severely affect the Earth and the health of people including their eyesight, pregnancy, digestive issues and causes extreme tiredness. During this phase, the sun rays are blocked by the Moon on Earth and the black shadow is witnessed everywhere on the Earth. Whereas you come across a sudden change in weather, its color, and temperature. Ranging from positive to highly unfavorable outcomes, the different zodiac signs faces different outcomes during such a phase. Aries and Gemini people might, unfortunately, can face money and financial losses whereas Tauras might seem to have a lack of self-confidence. On the other hand, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Leo zodiac are expected to witness the positive news ahead. Libra might face the sudden closure of its ongoing projects and can get into arguments. Also, the time might not seem so good for a Virgo, Capricorn, and a Scorpio to get things easily, a lot of hard work needs to be done. Pisces will face an auspicious time and Aquarius is expected to face a mix of all, happiness will come and go all of sudden for you. 

How to watch the Solar eclipse on June 10 2021?

To watch a Solar Eclipse, it’s highly advised to use binoculars. Alternatively, you can also use a  telescope or a form of a box projector to view the sun on 10th June 2021. It is to bring to your note that watching or viewing the Solar Eclipse today with naked eyes must be avoided at any cost. It is because the repercussions it will cause on your eyes will be highly unbearable. 


When is the first and the second Solar Eclipse of 2021 expected?

The first Eclipse of 2021 is today I.e., 10th June 2021 and the Second Eclipse is expectedly going to happen on 4th December 2021.

At what time is the first Solar Eclipse of 2021 going to take place?

The first Solar Eclipse of 2021 will takes place between 1:42 pm IST till 6:41 pm IST.

Will India face the Annular Eclipse this year? 

No, only a few regions of India are expected to face the partial Solar Eclipse in 2021. 

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