School Reopen in India 2021 State Wise Schools Reopening Date Latest News

School Reopen in India 2021 After Lockdown: As per the advice of the Indian government, 60% to 80% of the schools were closed from March 2020 to date. It is because of the increasing covid-19 graph with each passing day. With the controlled  covid-19 cases in November 2020, most of the schools were reopened after a big lockdown but the situation of covid-19 got even worse after the reopening of various schools and academic institutions. Hence, the lockdown was again imposed from December/January varying according to the state’s covid-19 situation. To date, the cases in the various states of India except Maharashtra and Delhi are under control. Hence, the planning on reopening schools is still under debate. Let’s understand more about this situation according to each state below.

School Reopen in India 2021 June /July

As per the statement and update given by the chief ministers of various states – Most of the states are planning to reopen the physical classes for the students having offline protocols and distancing rules in place. States witnessing the least number of cases are expected to resume back by the starting of July most probably however it may change if the number of cases rises again till June 30th. The schools are anticipated to unlock in a phased manner. The students will attend the classes voluntarily. A proper and documented consent will be sent to all the schools before any reopening takes place. With the proper permission from the higher authorities – all the states can open the school taking necessary precautions like sanitizers, masks, physical distancing, the gap between seats, handwashing frequently and respiratory-related etiquette will be made essential.

School reopen in India 2021

When will School Reopen in India 2021 Latest News

According to the WHO – World health organization, all the schools must be opened as soon as possible as it’s severely affecting the career of the students. Also, as per another recent news, UN’s health officials emphasized the fact that children are least affected by the covid-19. They added, that lockdown data is enough to reveal this fact. Witnessing the vitality of this point, they said that reopening schools aren’t going to affect the children looking onto the surrounding community they are in, as per Karin Hulshof, Regional Director at UNICEF, and Takeshi Kasai, Regional director at WHO. 

State Wise School Reopening Date 2021 After Lockdown

  • Delhi – With the recent update, all the schools of Delhi will function on the online mode till the situation of the entire Delhi gets better in the number of covid cases. 
  • Punjab – As per the Punjab government, the summer vacation is held between May 24 to June 23. Official declaration about reopening of schools will be made in the starting week of July expectedly. 
  • Andhra Pradesh – There ain’t any official update on the school’s reopening yet. The state is still juggling the covid-19 cases. 
  • Rajasthan – As per the sources, the reopening of schools was meant from 15th June.  
  • Gujarat – Reopening of schools is expected in the second week of July. 

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  • Bihar – The official bill will be soon passed on the reopening of schools by the CM. The covid-19 lockdown relaxation has been made in various areas. 
  • Kerala – Pinarayi Vijayan – Cm of Kerala announced on 16th June 2021 to open the public examinations center due to the controlled cases in this state. However, there is no recent update on the school’s reopening yet. 
  • Jammu and Kashmir – Looking into the current covid scenario, all the schools of J&K are expected to remain closed till 30th June.
  • Uttarakhand – As per the various sources, the lockdown relief has been imposed in this state with the declining covid-19 cases. However, the schools are expected to reopen by the mid of July – but there isn’t any official news on this. 
  • Karnataka – New academic sessions are scheduled for July. But, it will in offline mode or not is still a mystery. 

Karnataka School College Reopen 2021

  • Goa – State has prepared to unlock the schools next year in 2022. They are doing fine with online classes as per the Goa CM. 
  • Uttar Pradesh – Schools will remain shut till the next declaration by the CM – Yogi.
  • Haryana – With the big struggle of rising on the second phase of covid complications dealt by this state, the government has advised keeping the schools closed till 4-5 weeks more to avoid a rise in covid cases. 

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  • Chattisgarh – As per the government, their major focus now is on availing the facility of the vaccination drive for every eligible person. Schools reopening isn’t a priority for them till the situation gets better. 
  • Maharashtra – The lockdown will be imposed till 30th June for all the schools but the MHT CET classes can be held offline for students passing the 12th class, said, minister Uday Samant. 

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  • Telangana – As per the Education Department of Telangana State, the classes for 3d standard to 10th standard students will be done via the Doordarshan channel or TSAT. Reopening offline class are still under talks.

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