Hot air balloon in Varanasi, Price, Booking Process, Ride Dates & Much More

Hot Air Balloon in Varanasi, dates, price, duration, booking process, and a lot more: Here comes the most awaited feast in Varanasi, hot air balloons at just 500 INR per person. Usually, you can enjoy this ride for about 45 minutes, enjoying the picturesque view of the entire city, from lush greenery to beautiful lakes. This ride is regulated by the regional tourism department and attracts tons of visitors every year. 

The hot air balloon festival started on January 17, 2023, and continues up to January 20, 2023. Initially, the tourism department didn’t charge any fares for children and COVID-19 warriors. The primary aim of this festival is to promote tourism in the neighboring cities and within the region. Do you want to know more about hot air balloons? If yes, read the entire article to learn everything about it.  

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Hot Air Balloon in Varanasi

What Is a Hot Air Balloon

If you’re new to the hot air balloon concept, you’ll understand what exactly it is in this section. Hot air balloons usually work on the principle that hot air rises due to its lightweight nature. Most people wonder how they actually fly. Well, if you’re stuck with the same question, let me tell you here. 

One of the most commonly used hot air balloons is “Montgolfier.” There are also several other reliable brands used in the market. A few hot air balloons use fire to heat up the air within the balloon to rise more heights. Meanwhile, other types of balloons, such as hybrid and pure gas balloons, use helium or hydrogen gas compartments and vet the gas, respectively.

Hot Air Balloon Dates, Price, And Duration

Name of the Event Kashi Balloon and Boat festival
Hot air balloon Varanasi dates  January 17 to January 2023
Hot air balloon price 500 INR per person
Hot air balloon duration 45 minutes

Hot air balloon in Varanasi is a 4-day festival where people can enjoy the eye-soothing views on the banks of the River Ganga. It’s known that almost 50 people participated in the hot air balloon ride on the first day. Most surprisingly, Kirtiman Srivastava, one of the tourism officers, said that the tickets were sold within three hours.

Mostly, these balloons carry five to eight members in each balloon. The hot air balloon Varanasi dates are from January 17, 2023, to January 20, 2023. The ticket fares and duration of the hot air balloon are 500 INR per person, and the ride takes place for around 45 minutes.

All About Hot Air Balloon Rides In Varanasi

In 2023, the hot air balloon and boat racing festival going to start from January 17 to January 20 on the banks of River Ganga near the Dashashwamedh Ghat. As per the statements of the Varanasi District Commissioner, there are about 11 hot air balloons. 

These hot air balloons in Varanasi move up to a height of 1000 feet. Therefore, people can enjoy the best view from the skyline, everything from rocky hills to still lakes to royal buildings if you’re worried about the safety of these hot air balloons, cool. The higher officials provide high-end safety and security to avoid any interruptions. 

Also, these are controlled and run under the guidance of ATC. It has a total of four stations, namely CHS Boys School Kamachha, Domri, and Sigra Stadium. So, if you’d like to enjoy the best hot air balloon rides, don’t miss out on this.  

How To Book A Hot Air Balloon Ride In Varanasi

Usually, you can take tickets directly or book online. Make sure to visit the official website before getting started to know more information. 


  • When does the hot air balloon festival start?

It started on January 17, 2023, and ended on January 20, 2023. It’s basically a four-day festival where people can enjoy the ultimate experience of flying on the clouds. 

  • Are hot air balloon rides safer?

Since these are regulated under the supervision of ATC, they are highly safe. According to Shri Kaushal Raj Sharma, District Commissioner, there are over eight pilots and four stations who fly these hot air balloons with high-end coordination. 

  • Are ticket fares affordable?

Yes, the hot air balloon ticket fares are extremely affordable, where you can get each ticket for 500 INR. 

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