Whatsapp Ban in India 2021 Today: Here’s what you need to know so far!

Whatsapp Banned in India 2021: The MEITy – Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India indicated the violation of several Indian laws by WhatsApp which happens because of its updated privacy policies. On 18th May 2021, a second reminder was rolled out to the WhatsApp community to adhere to the rules along with the explanation of its consequences. Due to disobedience to the Indian laws despite multiple reminders, there are chances of WhatsApp getting banned in India by the Indian government. We have mentioned the latest possibilities about the WhatsApp ban in India Today/Tomorrow. If you are curious, then you need to go through the article till the last line.

Whatsapp Banned in India 2021 – Will Whatsapp Stop Working?

According to the data, WhatsApp declared on 10th May 2021, that anybody failing to update the app will have to face limited functioning. Although, the updates offered by WhatsApp is completely against the legal Indian rules. Because of this, on 18th May 2021, a letter was again rolled out to WhatsApp to inform them about withdrawing from such updates as they might lose the audience base of 450 million Indian people. It means that it would lead to a 100% ban in India. The MEITy has advised two things on the letter issues to WhatsApp – ‘Either to withdraw from its new policies or to have something in the favor of the Indian citizens where the personal data safety is provided.’

Whatsapp Banned in India 2021

Can Whatapp be Banned in India?

According to the legal and cyber communities, government reminders to WhatsApp were made twice. According to them, the plotted mind games and its planned privacy policy updation concept and making it have acceptance throughout the nation is going to be a big fail. According to the Dialogue’s director named Kazim Rizvi, informed to ‘The Quint,’ – India holds the authority to ban any application if it violates the laws of India. He also added, that banning WhatsApp will lead to numerous ill effects on Indian society and will also lead to the cutting of knots between the US and India’s existing relationships.

As per the Guruswamy, India sooner will be going by the norms as followed in Germany I.e, – Forbidding all the apps that don’t get good responses from the general public and who doesn’t meet the expectations of the Indian laws and regulations. He furthermore, said that these applications only after passing the ‘Data Protection Bill’ holds the authority to carry on with such updates!

How to delete Whatsapp and download its data?

WhatsApp – the company owned by Facebook said that the deletion of the WhatsApp data will take up to 90 days. In the meanwhile, if you plan to delete your account – you need to adhere to the following steps which work on Andriod and IOS both. The above steps will help you to delete your account forever from the system and you can export all the chats in the third party application.

1. In the initial step, all you need to do is open the WhatsApp application.

2. Once the application is opened, you will be able to see the three dots present on the topmost right side. You need to click on these dotted lines.

3. Now, click on the Settings option.

4. From the settings section, you need to take a tour to the ‘Account Section’ and once it is done then you have to click on the ‘Delete My Account’ option in WhatsApp.

5. Once you click on the above option, you will be getting the page where you will be asked the reason for account deletion. You need to choose the right option from the dropdown menu.

6. In the last step, hit the button saying ‘Delete my account.’

Whatsapp Alternatives in India

According to the reports, the huge database of the public has made a transition to the applications named Signal and Telegram. The founder and CEO of the Telegram application named Pavel Durov revealed that the end-to-end encryption of data will be meant only for the SECRET CHATS. For data backup, the other chats can’t be encrypted end to end. The reason of these apps being considered as the alternatives of WhatsApp is that it gives the satisfaction to the general folks by providing the end to end encryption of data at least to some level. It includes the protection rights for the secret chats you make and is also applicable for video calling purposes.

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