Instagram Facebook Twitter Ban: Why Social Media be Blocked in India?

Instagram Facebook Twitter Ban: The MEITY – Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, India has issued new guidelines and IT rules regarding the usage of social media sites. The declaration regarding this news happened on 25th Feb 2021. The ending date to work according to the new guidelines is today I.e, 25th May 2021. As per the reports, the top social media companies including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter failed to adhere to such guidelines in the given time frame and since today is the last day, it’s about to come to an end with no updates from these companies. Ideally, by tomorrow i.e, 26th May 2021, the three social sites shall be banned. We always have your back in bringing the latest updates to your timeline. All you need to do is read the article till the end to get 100% clarity on what are the possibilities and actions that might take place against Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for violating the guidelines.

Instagram Facebook Twitter Ban on 26th May 2021

The new IT rules were set by the government to break down the social media misconducts and violations of Indian standards. Facebook turned into the biggest information-sharing platform from just chatting or calling friends. Since facebook failed to obey the new guidelines, it is bound to lose its status & safety. Twitter – is one of the biggest platforms for sharing views! From politicians to celebrities, common people to our government- everybody uses it as a piece of big news and a problem-sharing platform which further allows the common people to retweet it to create awareness among people. If twitter gets banned then our news circulation system will massively suffer. On the other hand, Instagram is owned by a vast platform named Facebook. Since there have been no updates and acknowledgment on the new rules designed by the government, Facebook and Instagram will surely be facing the ban in India until a miracle happens. If this happens, then economical and social societies – both are extensively going to suffer and might lead to unexpected outcomes. 

Instagram Twitter Facebook Ban in India

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Social Media Ban in India – Latest News (FB Twitter Instagram)

According to the recent news from the IANS – the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter were supposed to adhere to the new protocols set by the government of India for the benefit of its citizens.  Such approaches were designed under the 2021 – Digital Media Ethics Code Rules.  Today is the last date to comply with the new rules and so far, these platforms have failed to do so! Only one social media named koo an Indian version of Twitter has acknowledged and accepted the new IT rules.  As per the news, the social media sites were asked to plot a complete picture of the total number of grievance records filed and solved.  Reports also reveal that the Delhi police visited the local centers of Twitter in Delhi on 24th Feb 2021. This incident took place after Sambit Patra – a spokesman of BJP was marked as the ‘Manipulated Media’ over Twitter. 

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Will Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Be Blocked in India?

As per the multiple reports and news, there are 95% chances of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter getting blocked in India on 26th May 2021. There are 5% chances that they might be given some extension of a few days more to think over it and comply with the new rules. These new rules also emphasized providing the ‘User Verification Mechanism’ via the social media companies to its users. It will be the volunteer decision and may vary from person or person. It’s meant for those who themselves want to do the self-verification of their accounts using an appropriate measure. 

Why Social Media can be Banned in India?

India is one of the largest markets holding a huge business value from the social media companies like Instagram,  Facebook & Twitter – these are the top loved sites among the public! To be honest, social media sites don’t hold that kind of power to safeguard themselves from disrespecting the guidelines set for them by the Indian government. Indian laws are extremely powerful – according to the laws, these sites might end up losing their power as intermediaries. Such non-obedience would also lead to criminal action against these companies according to the underlying laws of India. This time, it’s a fight between the strong parties from both ends. So, ideally, the power social media holds would go in vain against the preset laws of India. 

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