How Many Gold Medals Won by India in Olympics, Total Medals Till Now

Olympics Gold Medal, India: The most recent Olympics in which Indian contenders participated in the Tokyo Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. It is a multi-sport international event where people all across nations compete with each other representing their countries. The 2021 Olympics took place from 23rd July 2021 till 8th August 2021. India has won 35 medals, including bronze, silver, and gold, from 1900 to date for the overall 24 games. Indian contenders have made our nation proud by winning ten gold medals to date. Out of these ten hockey teams of man alone has brought the eight gold medals. Getting a reward with a gold medal at the international level competition is a matter of big honor. The article below will help you to get a brief idea about all the gold medals won by India to date. 

How Many Gold Medals Won by India in Olympics

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How many gold medals won by India in Olympics?

According to the online compilation of data, India has managed to bring in 10 gold medals in the Olympics. Here is the long list of these ten gold medal winners with a brief description. 

  • Men Hockey Team, India; Amsterdam – 1928

The Hockey Men’s team of India scored 29 goals in total. Out of this, the 14 goals were acquired by the Dhyan Chand all alone, which makes him the hockey wizard today. It was the first Olympics Gold Medal ever achieved by the Indian Hockey Team of men. 

  • Men Hockey Team, India; Los Angeles – 1932 

It was the second time India witnessed its second Gold Medal at the Olympics, 1932. Initially, our Indian Men’s hockey team beat Japan at 11-1 goals and the USA at 24-1 goals. 

  • Men Hockey Team, India; Berlin – 1936

At the Berlin Olympics, India achieved its gold medal hat-trick, which made India proud. Our Indian hockey team players were able to outperform this because of the guidance and supervision of the Dhyan Chand. They defeated Germany with the goal of 8-1, which is superb. 

  • Men Hockey Team, India; London – 1948

The spirit of India was kept high at the Olympics games by the Men’s hockey team of India. It was the first win for India to secure a gold medal after our nation’s independence. Kishan is remembered today for his marvelous performance at that time. He outperformed at the Wembley Stadium by making a goal of 4-0 against Great Britain. He managed to get in 25 goals over five matches. 

  • Men Hockey Team, India; Helsinki – 1952

The fifth gold medal to India was possible because of  KD Singh Baba and his co-member Mr.  Balbir Singh. He worked outstandingly by getting a total goal of 9 in only three matches. In Finland, they struggled with 24*7 sunlight and cold weather at times. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, our Indian Men Hockey Team outperformed. 

  • Men Hockey Team, India; Melbourne – 1956

The 6th Gold medal brought to India is the clean sheet, and worth noticing the numbers. It outperformed against each contender country by ensuring the other party cannot make even a single point. India’s hockey team made 6-0 goals against Singapore, 16-0 goals against the USA, 1-0 goals against Tajikistan, 14-0 against Afghanistan, and 1-0 against Germany. 

  • Men Hockey Team, India; Tokyo – 1964

India, after facing massive competition by Germany and Spain, managed to reach the finals where they beat Pakistan by 1-0 goals. It brought the seventh gold medal to India. 

  • Men Hockey Team, India; Moscow – 1980

India played well against Spain by scoring a goal of 4-3 in Moscow, 1980. It brought the eighth gold medal to India at the Olympics held from1900 to date.  

  • Men’s Air Rifle Shooting, India; Beijing – 2008

Our nation’s proud child Abhinav Bindra becomes the first individual to win the Gold Medal at the Beijing held in 2008 to shoot a perfect 10.8. 

  • Javelin Throw, India; Tokyo 2021

With his excellent performance, Neeraj Chopra created history by getting the first-ever gold medal in track and field events for India. He marveled at the achievement of a javelin throw of 87.58m at the Tokyo Olympics. 

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Gold Medals List won by India Till Now

  • Amsterdam, 1928
  • Los Angeles,1932
  • Berlin, 1936
  • London, 1948
  • Helsinki, 1952
  • Melbourne, 1956
  • Tokyo,1964
  • Moscow, 1980
  • Beijing, 2008
  • Tokyo, 2021

Tokyo Olympics Gold Medal 2021 

The recent Tokyo Olympics were completed this Sunday, I.e., on 8th August 2021. Winning the gold medal for 2021, Neeraj Chopra won the heart of every Indian. He is 23 years old, belonging to Haryana originally. His entire performance was worth the wait and left the whole nation in wonder. His performance is even compared to Milkha Singh and PT Usha. He seems to have accomplished something which even they couldn’t do in their 1960 and 1984’s Olympics records. India will cherish this time forever. 


How many gold medals are won by India in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

India has overall won one gold medal, i.e., by Neeraj Chopra for Javelin’s throw in the Tokyo Olympics 2021. 

How many total medals are won by India in the Olympics? 

Starting from 1900 to date, India has won over 35 medals, including silver, bronze, and gold medals.

For how many days, the 2021 Olympics games took place?

The Olympics were held for 16 days, starting from 23rd July 2021 to 8th August 2021. 

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